How To Protect My Furniture When Moving?

Whether you choose to hire professionals or do it yourself, protecting your furniture is one of the biggest obstacles when preparing for a move. No one wants to arrive at their new home with expensive items that are damaged. Glass can break, upholstery can get torn, and wood furniture can become gouged. With some easy tricks and a few supplies, you can move your fragile belongings without causing any damage. Here are some tips on how to protect your furniture throughout your move.

1. Gather Packing Supplies

Packing tape, moving blankets, and cardboard boxes aren’t enough when it comes to moving heavy items. You can find additional supplies for your furniture online or at your local hardware store including bubble wrap, sealable plastic bags, mattress, and sofa covers, corrugated cardboard sheets, and plastic stretch wrap.

2. Prepare Furniture For Packing

Take the time to thoroughly dust and clean your furniture before you pack. During the moving process, debris and dust will scratch hard surfaces. Proper cleaning will also ensure you won’t bring any dirt into your new home. Take the time to remove casters, knobs, and pulls from your furniture. Remove all drawers from desks and dressers and carefully pack small items inside them.

3. Dismantle Furniture In Advance

Try to dismantle your furniture entirely if possible. Remove the legs from couches and tables, and take the bed frames apart. This is usually a daunting task, and you would benefit from hiring professionals like moving Calgary movers. Dismantling your furniture will make your items more manageable to move and will prevent any potential damage caused by banging into door frames and walls. When taking apart furniture, it’s crucial always to follow the owner’s manual. Use plastic bags to avoid losing any screws or other hardware. Don’t save it to the last minute. Dismantle your furniture a day or two before your move.

4. Learn How To Wrap Furniture Correctly

Plastic sheeting and bubble wrap are some of the best supplies to move your furniture safely. Plastic wrap is designed to protect your upholstered items. Bubble wrap is used to protect delicate wood pieces. Corrugated cardboard sheets will provide extra protection when placed in between wooden furniture.

5. Have A Placement Plan

The way you place your furniture in a moving truck is just as important as the packing. This step will make things a lot easier for you or your movers. Create a wall of boxes along the back of the truck that are the same size and tightly packed. Square furniture should be moved in next such as desks and dressers. Upholstered couches must be secured with rope and place blankets around them for added protection. When unloading the truck, ensure the path to each room is clear.

Moving shouldn’t be a stressful task. Securing and packing your fragile items properly will take some worry out of the process. If you don’t have the time or the energy, hire a professional moving company which can be much easier and more affordable.