5 Best Places to Install Home Security Cameras

best place to put security cameras

One of the ways to enhance the safety and security of your home is to install security cameras. They allow you to keep tabs on what is happening in and around your home at all times. A surveillance system will normally consist of locks, smart sensors, alarms, and cameras. The cameras are the main component of the surveillance system and you want to make the right decision during installation. So, where is the best place to put security cameras? Here’s a guide.

1.      Front Door

Front Door

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On average, 34% of burglars access your home through the front door. It goes without saying that you should have a camera installed here. Place the camera on the second floor or in the eves of your home and make sure it focuses on the front door. If your home has only one level, then you might want to enclose it in mesh wiring to protect it from damage. You could also install a peephole camera to enable you to see who’s at your door after a knock. Make sure you get the right locks for your front door with the help of a Toronto locksmith.

2.      Back Door

Back Door

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22% of all home burglars access the home through the back door. You should, therefore, have cameras trained on the back door as well. Make sure the camera is placed out of reach to protect it from vandalism. You should get a weatherproof camera equipped with night vision.

3.      Off-Street Camera

Off-Street Camera

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A burglar targeting your home will more often than not try to break in through a rear window. Using a window that cannot be viewed from the street greatly reduces their chances of being caught. By placing cameras where there are rear windows, you reduce your chances of being caught off-guard. This is the best place to put security cameras. Consider installing a wireless camera that has remote control capabilities. You will be able to operate it from your smartphone or tablet device.

4.      Backyard and Side


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Expensive garden and lawn machinery, kid’s bikes, and other items left outside can attract burglars into your yard. This is why you need to install a night vision surveillance camera and motion sensor floodlights in your yard. You might also want to install a second camera at the entrance or gate. Placing the camera in plain sight is a great way to make intruders avoid your home and move to the next when they’re scouting for a property to burglarize. After all, they want to reduce the chances of getting caught as much as possible. Invading a home with surveillance cameras is just setting themselves up for failure.

5.      Basement and Stairs

basement and stairs

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Does our basement have an access hatch/door or a small window that’s large enough for someone to crawl through? If it does, then you might want to secure the area by installing a camera on the stairs leading up from your basement. This will help detect any intruders trying to access your home via the basement. Install motion sensors as well and make sure the camera has night vision.

So, where is the best place to put security cameras? Practically anywhere where you suspect a burglar might exploit to gain access into your home.