How to Protect Your Online Reputation in 5 Steps

  • Nermin M
  • November 20, 2018
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protect your online reputation

Online reputation management is geared toward improving the reputation of an individual, family or a group. This is done by limiting or eliminating harmful online experiences attributed to you and your business. Online reputation protection can benefit anyone with an online footprint. If you want to eliminate the possibility of having your reputation damaged online, then you might want to hire a specialist to handle your reputation for you. So, what is an online reputation? It is basically the material people find when the look for you or your business on the internet. Here are some helpful ways through which you can protect your online reputation.

1.     Ensure Your Private Information Is Secure

Ensure Your Private Information Is Secure

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It is important to ensure that your personal information or that of your family if kept private. Also, ensure that every family member, including children, understand how important it is to keep family data private. Teach them what identity theft is and how damaging it can be to the family.

Information to be kept private includes the social security numbers, email addresses and passwords, credit card and bank details, birth dates, phone numbers, and also your current location. All this is information that can be used to conduct fraudulent activities and for identity theft.

2.     Set Up Your Privacy Settings

Set Up Your Privacy Settings

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Managing your online privacy settings can go a long way in helping you or your family. When setting your online safety settings ensure that you get rid of public sharing of important data relating to you or your family. Also, limit access to your information to online posts. Managing your privacy settings is especially important for social media sites. These sites are the most targeted by identity thieves and fraudsters who want to do you or your family harm.

3.     Google Everyone

Google Everyone

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The best way to ensure that you can effectively protect your online reputation is by first knowing how much information about you or your family is already out there. Ensure you search yourself on Google and also search everyone in your family. You simply need to go to Google and type in your name or the name of a family member in the search bar. If there is any information you do not want to be available to anyone who searches online, you can use the services of a SEO expert at to work on your reputation such that the damaging information doesn’t appear on the first page of Google.

4.     Clean Your Social Media Account

Clean Your Social Media Account

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A lot of people already have at least one account in a myriad of social media platforms. One way your online reputation can be damaged is through posting on these social media platforms. People can take compromising videos or photos of you or your family and post them on social media. Clean up social media by having any disparaging information or content, whether posted by you or another person, brought down.

5.     Have Your Name Registered Online

Have Your Name Registered Online

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To ensure that you have more control over your name or that of your family, you can register a domain. By doing this, you limit the chances of having someone else using your name to damage your reputation online. Also, consider registering a domain for any family run business.

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