5 Best WordPress Plugins for Marketers

There are more than 56,000 plugins for WordPress available. These plugins make it possible for you to enhance the functionality of your website in a simple and more intuitive way. This is done by adding capabilities and features that are not available with the system. WordPress plugins include writing tools for your web content as well as SEO analytics and SEO tips. These plugins make it possible to achieve practically anything you want to achieve with your website. Plugins can also help make your website fast and responsive, which helps reduce bounce rates and improve the user experience.  Marketers can also use WordPress plugins to boost conversions. Here are the 5 best marketing WP plugins you must use.

1.      Jetpack

Jetpack is an all-inclusive marketing, design, and security WordPress plugin. It features mobile themes, advanced content tools, and many other handy functionalities. You can use all these features to enhance the appearance of your website. Some of the features include site statistics, automated social media posting as well as analytics. It also offers other SEO tools to measure and promote the success of your website.

2.      SEO Framework Tool

This is one of the best marketing WP plugins because of its ability to improve your website’s search rankings. This plugin comes with numerous optimization features that can be used to optimize pages, posts, and website terms. This makes your website easier to be found online and on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

3.      Just Writing

This is a WordPress plugin that has revolutionized the WordPress distraction-free writing mode. With this plugin, you can use features such as paragraph styling and spell-check. These features make it possible for you to focus more on your words without having to leave the distraction-free writing mode to format your work.

4.      The HubSpot Contact Form Conversion and Builder Tool

Hubspot offers a drag and drop feature that makes it possible for you to build contact forms that can be used on your WordPress website. This plugin also comes with a pop-up creator, contact base, live chat widget, as well as previously written code that you only need to copy and paste into your WordPress. This all-inclusive plugin comes with all its features in one common location. This makes it one of the best marketing WP plugins since it negates the need for you to have multiple plugins for different functions. This way, your site remains responsive and fast.

5.      Pixel Caffeine

With pixel caffeine WordPress plugin, you are able to manage your Facebook product catalog and Facebook pixel with one plugin. This plugin is loved by marketers because it allows them to use advanced features like tracking Facebook ads conversions in the WordPress dashboard. It also enables marketers to create a custom audience based on data derived from the last visit time.

Once you have set up your WordPress website and installed all the requisite plugins, you can get in touch with an SEO expert at www.seovancouver.ca to help boost your search rankings.


5 Tips To Make Your Commercial Move Less Stressful

Moving to a new office premise can be an exciting time for any business owner. This is because sometimes moving is a sign of business growth and the need for a bigger office space. Even so, the moving process comes with its own share of stress. It is important to plan the move well to minimize the stress involved as much as possible. Fortunately, there are some simple ways through which you can minimize the stress associated with moving office. Here is how to reduce the emotional stress of moving offices.

1.      Let Everyone Know Your Plan for Moving

Credit: Pixabay

Whether you only employ two people or a hundred of them, it is very important that you let your employees know that you plan to move your offices. You need to notify them at least a few months to the moving date. After the first announcement, make steady reminders regularly and highlight how you want them to prepare for the move. This way, they will not procrastinate on the issue and cause delays in your moving plan. Notifying your employees of the move ensures that they have enough time to pack. This, in turn, makes the process completely easy when the D-day finally arrives.

2.      Avoid Procrastination and Start Early

Credit: Pixabay

When the moving day is months away, it is possible for you to procrastinate, which can affect your moving schedule. It is important to start preparing for the move as soon as you finally decide that indeed you will move offices. The sooner you start packing up, the easier it will be as the day approaches. Start the process by packing any items that are not used on a day to day basis. Also, take time to notify your clients about the move and where your new location will be.

3.      Pack Methodically and Remain Organized

Credit: Pixabay

Whether you only need to pack a few things for moving or an entire office, the key to getting ahead is organization. Having a proper organizational structure for the office move is what will ensure that you pack everything, label everything correctly, and have an easier time unpacking from your office premise. Label each box depending on the contents inside and which part of the office the items belong to. This makes the whole process much easier.

4.      Don’t Take Anything You Won’t Need with You

Credit: Pixabay

Moving can not only be stressful, but also very expensive. Most movers will charge the moving fee based on the number of trucks you need for the move and also the distance you’re moving. Therefore, one way to minimize the emotional stress of moving is by leaving behind anything you will not need in your new office. This saves you time, space and money.

5.      Get A Professional Moving Company

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Contact a reliable, efficient, and affordable moving company to help with your move. The best Toronto movers will ensure professionalism, promptness, and will take good care of your items during the move. A DIY move will not necessarily save you money.



6 Things You Need To Know Before Calling Yourself an SEO Copywriter

6 Things You Need To Know Before Calling Yourself An SEO Copywriter

In the era of the internet, it is vital for every business, especially start-ups to maintain a website or blog to provide their services or products to consumers all over the world. To keep such a platform, they need an SEO Copywriter. If you think you have the qualities of an expert SEO Copywriter, then go through the following info provided www.seotoronto.company to check your credibility.

1. Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most decisive facet of creating SEO oriented contents. It is of paramount importance that you know the keywords and phrase that are used the most by the internet users to look up for the searches on the internet. Having in-depth knowledge about keywords and how to manage them throughout the written content for either blog or website will attract the required traffic.

2. Add Value to Your Content

Add Value to Your Content

Why do we go after anything after knowing it a bit? The answer is because it provides value to our money and efforts. The same way, an SEO copywriter must add value aspects to its creation. A reader should feel a connection with the written content while reading it and should bear the idea that it is useful for them. By delivering what a reader or internet user seeks, you will be able to justify your tag.

3. Always on Research Spree

Always on Research Spree

No matter what profession you are into, to keep yourself afloat on the surface, it is vital that you know all the necessary knowledge including the latest one on your field of interest to get the better of your competitors. For this, you must have greed for acquiring more knowledge. To succeed in it, you should always be on a research spree to grab the information which is not otherwise available on the internet and in books. You can acquire it only by analyzing different theories on SEO to come to a conclusion.

4. SEO Oriented Title

SEO Oriented Title

To get your content listed amongst the topmost results generated by the search engine, it must have an SEO oriented title. The best and the most basic step to create an SEO friendly topic is to include your primary keyword in the title. If possible, place the keyword at the beginning of the title. It will help the search engine to shortlist your content for results.

5. SEO Article

SEO Article

We have talked about keywords, valuable content, research about other aspects of writing, and SEO oriented title, all these parameters collectively lead to an SEO article. In addition to these aspects, keeping related keywords and an adequate number of keywords is quite significant. It enhances the chances of getting the content shortlisted for the result associated with similar keywords as well.

6. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

In addition to be familiar with all the above-mentioned content creating necessities, there are many tools on the internet that can be utilized to develop SEO friendly content. Google provides several such tools including Google Analytics that help you check the reliability of your content.

Being well –versed with all the aspects of writing and content managing is crucial to land your website on the first page, but it is not enough to have an edge over your peers. For this, you must keep yourself apprised of all the latest trends and new studies regarding SEO. Having this information on fingertips will always render you with an ace up your sleeve to create SEO friendly content.

5 Best Places to Install Home Security Cameras

best place to put security cameras

One of the ways to enhance the safety and security of your home is to install security cameras. They allow you to keep tabs on what is happening in and around your home at all times. A surveillance system will normally consist of locks, smart sensors, alarms, and cameras. The cameras are the main component of the surveillance system and you want to make the right decision during installation. So, where is the best place to put security cameras? Here’s a guide.

1.      Front Door

Front Door

Credit: PIxabay

On average, 34% of burglars access your home through the front door. It goes without saying that you should have a camera installed here. Place the camera on the second floor or in the eves of your home and make sure it focuses on the front door. If your home has only one level, then you might want to enclose it in mesh wiring to protect it from damage. You could also install a peephole camera to enable you to see who’s at your door after a knock. Make sure you get the right locks for your front door with the help of a Toronto locksmith.

2.      Back Door

Back Door

Credit: PIxabay

22% of all home burglars access the home through the back door. You should, therefore, have cameras trained on the back door as well. Make sure the camera is placed out of reach to protect it from vandalism. You should get a weatherproof camera equipped with night vision.

3.      Off-Street Camera

Off-Street Camera

Credit: PIxabay

A burglar targeting your home will more often than not try to break in through a rear window. Using a window that cannot be viewed from the street greatly reduces their chances of being caught. By placing cameras where there are rear windows, you reduce your chances of being caught off-guard. This is the best place to put security cameras. Consider installing a wireless camera that has remote control capabilities. You will be able to operate it from your smartphone or tablet device.

4.      Backyard and Side


Credit: PIxabay

Expensive garden and lawn machinery, kid’s bikes, and other items left outside can attract burglars into your yard. This is why you need to install a night vision surveillance camera and motion sensor floodlights in your yard. You might also want to install a second camera at the entrance or gate. Placing the camera in plain sight is a great way to make intruders avoid your home and move to the next when they’re scouting for a property to burglarize. After all, they want to reduce the chances of getting caught as much as possible. Invading a home with surveillance cameras is just setting themselves up for failure.

5.      Basement and Stairs

basement and stairs

Credit: PIxabay

Does our basement have an access hatch/door or a small window that’s large enough for someone to crawl through? If it does, then you might want to secure the area by installing a camera on the stairs leading up from your basement. This will help detect any intruders trying to access your home via the basement. Install motion sensors as well and make sure the camera has night vision.

So, where is the best place to put security cameras? Practically anywhere where you suspect a burglar might exploit to gain access into your home.


6 Reasons Why You Are Not Ranking For Your Target Keyword

If you are looking for ways to improve your website and get more traffic to it, one of the best things that you could do would be to focus on improving SEO traffic. Overall, the main strategy that people use when they try to increase their SEO ranking is to focus on keywords. Even if your keyword is being used on your website, there are several reasons why you still may not be showing up high in the SEO rankings.

1. Keyword Not Used Enough

One reason why you will not be showing up in the keyword rankings is if you are not using your keyword enough. While you will try to place the keyword in strategic spots, you will need to make sure that it is placed enough places to ensure you show up higher in the rankings. If you are not higher in the rankings, you should try to place it in a few more places throughout your blog and website.

2. Keyword Used Too Much


While you will want to make sure that you are using the keyword enough on the website, you will also want to avoid using it too much. One of the biggest mistakes that you can make with a website focused on SEO is to focus too much on keyword stuffing. This will result in lower quality products and content. When you hire the best SEO company Toronto business owners will be able ensure they have the appropriate amount of keywords on their website.

3. Security Concerns

One of the biggest issues that websites have today is managing data security. If you have a website that is vulnerable to hacks and data theft, you should focus on improving it immediately. If you are able to put forth new security measures into the website, it will improve the security component of your website and will lead to a higher overall SEO ranking.

4. Dated Content

If you have a website, you will need to make sure that it is updated on a regular basis. Even if you have great content that has the right amount of keywords in it, you will need to ensure that it is updated on a regular basis. This will result in better rankings on your website. Ideally, you should update your site at least several times each week.

5. Mobile Use

If you want to show up high in the rankings, you will need to make sure that your website is ready for mobile use. If you have a website that does not have mobile capabilities, it will make it much harder to rank high.

6. Quality Website


Most importantly, you will want to make sure that your website is of the highest quality. Part of this process will include making sure that it is filled with good content and that it is easy to navigate. You should also make sure that all links are active and any broken links are removed. This will help to ensure that the user has a better overall experience, which will result in a better SEO score and ranking.