5 Best WordPress Plugins for Marketers

There are more than 56,000 plugins for WordPress available. These plugins make it possible for you to enhance the functionality of your website in a simple and more intuitive way. This is done by adding capabilities and features that are not available with the system. WordPress plugins include writing tools for your web content as well as SEO analytics and SEO tips. These plugins make it possible to achieve practically anything you want to achieve with your website. Plugins can also help make your website fast and responsive, which helps reduce bounce rates and improve the user experience.  Marketers can also use WordPress plugins to boost conversions. Here are the 5 best marketing WP plugins you must use.

1.      Jetpack

Jetpack is an all-inclusive marketing, design, and security WordPress plugin. It features mobile themes, advanced content tools, and many other handy functionalities. You can use all these features to enhance the appearance of your website. Some of the features include site statistics, automated social media posting as well as analytics. It also offers other SEO tools to measure and promote the success of your website.

2.      SEO Framework Tool

This is one of the best marketing WP plugins because of its ability to improve your website’s search rankings. This plugin comes with numerous optimization features that can be used to optimize pages, posts, and website terms. This makes your website easier to be found online and on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

3.      Just Writing

This is a WordPress plugin that has revolutionized the WordPress distraction-free writing mode. With this plugin, you can use features such as paragraph styling and spell-check. These features make it possible for you to focus more on your words without having to leave the distraction-free writing mode to format your work.

4.      The HubSpot Contact Form Conversion and Builder Tool

Hubspot offers a drag and drop feature that makes it possible for you to build contact forms that can be used on your WordPress website. This plugin also comes with a pop-up creator, contact base, live chat widget, as well as previously written code that you only need to copy and paste into your WordPress. This all-inclusive plugin comes with all its features in one common location. This makes it one of the best marketing WP plugins since it negates the need for you to have multiple plugins for different functions. This way, your site remains responsive and fast.

5.      Pixel Caffeine

With pixel caffeine WordPress plugin, you are able to manage your Facebook product catalog and Facebook pixel with one plugin. This plugin is loved by marketers because it allows them to use advanced features like tracking Facebook ads conversions in the WordPress dashboard. It also enables marketers to create a custom audience based on data derived from the last visit time.

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5 Tips To Make Your Commercial Move Less Stressful

Moving to a new office premise can be an exciting time for any business owner. This is because sometimes moving is a sign of business growth and the need for a bigger office space. Even so, the moving process comes with its own share of stress. It is important to plan the move well to minimize the stress involved as much as possible. Fortunately, there are some simple ways through which you can minimize the stress associated with moving office. Here is how to reduce the emotional stress of moving offices.

1.      Let Everyone Know Your Plan for Moving

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Whether you only employ two people or a hundred of them, it is very important that you let your employees know that you plan to move your offices. You need to notify them at least a few months to the moving date. After the first announcement, make steady reminders regularly and highlight how you want them to prepare for the move. This way, they will not procrastinate on the issue and cause delays in your moving plan. Notifying your employees of the move ensures that they have enough time to pack. This, in turn, makes the process completely easy when the D-day finally arrives.

2.      Avoid Procrastination and Start Early

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When the moving day is months away, it is possible for you to procrastinate, which can affect your moving schedule. It is important to start preparing for the move as soon as you finally decide that indeed you will move offices. The sooner you start packing up, the easier it will be as the day approaches. Start the process by packing any items that are not used on a day to day basis. Also, take time to notify your clients about the move and where your new location will be.

3.      Pack Methodically and Remain Organized

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Whether you only need to pack a few things for moving or an entire office, the key to getting ahead is organization. Having a proper organizational structure for the office move is what will ensure that you pack everything, label everything correctly, and have an easier time unpacking from your office premise. Label each box depending on the contents inside and which part of the office the items belong to. This makes the whole process much easier.

4.      Don’t Take Anything You Won’t Need with You

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Moving can not only be stressful, but also very expensive. Most movers will charge the moving fee based on the number of trucks you need for the move and also the distance you’re moving. Therefore, one way to minimize the emotional stress of moving is by leaving behind anything you will not need in your new office. This saves you time, space and money.

5.      Get A Professional Moving Company

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Contact a reliable, efficient, and affordable moving company to help with your move. The best Toronto movers will ensure professionalism, promptness, and will take good care of your items during the move. A DIY move will not necessarily save you money.