Ensuring Your Child’s Summer Camp Is a Success

Going away to summer camp is a certainly an exciting experience for any child. However, if it is the first time, it is common to be both anxious and excited. There are, of course several things which you, as the parent, can do towards preparing the child for camp. Part of the success of your child at the camp will largely hinge on how well you have prepared him or her prior to leaving home.

1. Talk With Your Child

It is critical that the child is involved in the entire camp planning process. Talk with him or her about what takes place at the summer camps and what the child can expect during the stay there to ensure to a positive attitude and transition.

Reassure the child that having anxious thoughts is normal. Address the concerns raised by consulting the camp organizers to have them resolved. It is vital that you keep your parental anxieties to yourself so that the child remains positive and excited.

2. Let The Child Attend The Camp Orientation

If offered, attend or allow the child to attend the camp orientation for newcomers or open day. The more he or she knows about the program, staff, and other campers the easier it becomes to be prepared.

If physically visiting the camp in advance is impractical, check out their website, information packages, online videos, and social media sites. Talk to other parents or friends whose kids have previously visited that particular summer camp.

3. Take Care of Medical Matters

If the child happens to be taking prescription medication, ensure an adequate supply along with the original container that has the instructions is sent on time. At summer camp, all medications are usually dispensed by the health care staff, except of course medication that may be required immediately like asthma puffer.

In case the child has recently been exposed to any potentially communicable disease before the summer camp starts, let the camp management know. Similarly, if he or she has discontinued some medication recently, let the health-care personnel at the camp know.

4. Keep In Touch When Child Is Away

While your child is at the camp, prepare positive, short and regular informative letters, supporting and encouraging the child during the entire period at summer camp. If possible, request siblings and relatives to write to the child as well. Try slipping a short positive note into the child’s bag so that he or she gets pleasantly surprised at summer camp’s first day.


Going away to a camp can be an extremely intense experience for any child doing it for the first time. This is why it is important to prepare your child comprehensively through discussing the upcoming experience from all angles, addressing child’s concerns and doing all it takes towards ensuring your child gets a memorable experience at the camp. If you visit Camp White Pine, their website may provide you with more information.