7 Reasons Your Sewer Line Might Be Clogged

Most people expect that sending liquids down the drain will always result in an immediate exit of the material from sight. You need to call in the plumber if the liquid takes forever to drain or sits there without moving...

7 Reasons Your Sewer Line Might Be Clogged

Most people expect that sending liquids down the drain will always result in an immediate exit of the material from sight. You need to call in the plumber if the liquid takes forever to drain or sits there without moving on down. Below are seven reasons you could be experiencing a sewer line clog.

1. Greasy Materials

Pouring grease down your kitchen drain is detrimental in any amount. The small amounts that are released when washing dirty pans can begin to build-up over time can cause a serious clog in your sewer line. You’ll begin to notice problems with the slow draining of your kitchen sink. The Drain Rescue website is a useful reference for more information.

2. Organic Matter

Food and human waste can collect in the sewer line and eventually lead to a backup that can plague your kitchen and bathrooms. It may require a power wash of water through the lines or intense snake to remove the organic material lodged in the line.

3. Plastic Toys and Stuffed Animals

Many times you’ll hear a plumber tell of adventures in clearing sewer clogs that involved a plastic toy or stuffed animal somehow making down a drain. It’s most often caused by curious children flushing items down the toilet. A camera can be sent down the pipe to locate the exact position of the item and get it removed.

4. Sanitary Napkins and Diapers

You might be surprised at the items that get flushed down your toilet by visitors and guests. Most sanitary napkins and diapers are filled with a material that swells as it fills with fluid. Flushing it down the toilet might seem like a good idea to some people, but it will definitely lead to a clog as it continues to grow in size. More than one can lead to a clog fast.

5. Hair and Soap

Clogs in the shower, tub, and bathroom sink are often the result of hair being washed down and mixing with soap scum. It can harden slightly as it dries and you’ll see the draining of water getting increasingly slow.

6. Tree Roots

Trees growing near your sewer line are never a good idea. The root system of the smallest trees can be extensive and run many feet out from the trunk. You could have roots making their way into your sewer line if trees are close proximity.

7. Collapsed Portion of Pipe

One of the worst causes of a sewer line backup or clog is a collapsed portion of the pipe. Age and wear will eventually take a toll and lead to material failure. You’ll need to have repairs done before the problem is resolved.

Call in a professional plumber if you begin to experience any problems in your drains. It’s the first sign that you might be developing a clog in the sewer line.

Four Major Survival Tips in Overcoming Your Stressful College Move-In Day

Your most anticipated day after high school graduation has finally come. It is time to move into your college dorm room. The college movers have shipped your big things ahead of time, while you are with your parents ready to move in with your boxed-up essentials. Here are some survival tips to ensure a smooth transition so that the stress of moving your life won’t knock you down:

1. Wear Appropriate Clothes

Moving includes carrying a lot of things, going back and forth to get boxes, climbing up and down the stairs, and unpacking huge amounts of stuff. Now is not the time to be wearing those stilettos. Don a comfy shirt that you don’t mind soiling. Wear comfortable sneakers, so you won’t kill your feet. College move-in day happens during the tail-end of a hot summer, so comfort is critical.

2. Stick to your Schedule

Figure out the date of your schedule in advance, and then stick to it. When you know the exact date, make arrangements with your college movers and parents to deliver all your stuff in one go. It is best to get to campus as early as you are allowed. Moving to a dorm in the peak of summer is definitely not fun, so doing it with the early morning breeze means you won’t have to die of heat stroke at the end of the day. Remember, the earlier you arrive, the faster you can finish. There are valuable resources available at the Matco Calgary Movers website.

3. Prepare to Clean and Disinfect

Dorm rooms aren’t really the cleanest places in the world, so come prepared with cleaning essentials. You can’t really unpack when it is dirty. Bring a mini-vacuum cleaner, so you can easily suck out dirt from under the bed. While you’re at it, run the vacuum on your mattress and spray it with some disinfecting spray. Wipe over everything to ensure that it is squeaky clean and sanitized. Starting your new life in college with a clean environment attracts all the good vibes. Don’t let germs, grime, and dirt bog you down.

4. Expect to Feel Emotional

Your emotions will be at an all time high during the day of the move. If your parents are brining you, expect to shed a few tears. It is totally normal to feel this way because you’ll be homesick and you won’t see family for a couple of months until the next long break. Take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone. Your dorm-mates are also feeling anxious, stressed, and worried. However, take deep breaths and look forward to the new experiences and people that you shall encounter. Remember, your college years will be one of the best chapters of your life.

4 Types of Cases Handled by Family Lawyers

Family law is an incredibly complex branch of law that focuses primarily on issues between family members. A family lawyer is someone who will represent your best interests between the other members and make sure that you are able to get a positive verdict.

However, if you want a positive outcome, you will have to hire the best family lawyer Toronto that you can afford. There are many types of cases that family lawyers can handle. Here are four of the most common types of cases handled by family lawyers.


1. Marriage Dissolution

If you and your partner have decided to part ways and are looking to dissolve your marriage, you need to get in touch with a family lawyer. The family lawyer is going to sit down with both parties and will help come to a resolution that best suits both parties.

From the division of the assets to setting up living arrangements, the lawyers will handle each and every thing for you. They have a considerable amount of experience in this field, so you can rest assured knowing that you will be able to get the best possible settlement.

2. Domestic Violence

If your partner subjects you to domestic violence and you are no longer going to remain silent, you should definitely consider contacting the best family lawyer that you can find. The family lawyer is going to file for a restraining order and then the annulment of the marriage if you have suffered torture or have been subjected to domestic violence.

3. Child Custody

Similarly, if you want to seek custody of your children from your partner and feel that you will be able to take better care of them, you should hire a family lawyer and file an application for seeking custody of your children. You will first need to prove your case in court and your lawyer will guide you through each and every step of the way.

4. Adoptions

Whether you want to adopt a child or are seeking guardianship of a child because you feel that you are better equipped for taking care of the child, you should hire a family lawyer and file an application for adoption. Adopting a child is not easy, so the process is going to take a long time. These are just a few of the many cases that family lawyers can handle.

7 Genius Packing Hacks From Calgary Movers

Set aside a box of moving tools

Since you are reading this piece, we assume that you have chosen a new place to move to. We understand the worries that could cloud you before the move begins. Organizing and planning a systematic move may not be possible if you don’t have too much time in hand. Worry not! We at Calgary movers www.matco.ca have some amazing packing hacks defined for you. Take a look:

1. Do a quick photo session of confusing items

Do a quick photo session of confusing items

This is the best hack for managing electronic items. There is a possibility you own a lot of them including a huge LED TV screen, PlayStation, Music System and more. If you aren’t sure of what cables go where click some pictures of them before the packing begins. You will thank us once the unpacking begins and all you will have to do is check out these pictures.

2. Set aside a box of moving tools

Set aside a box of moving tools

Tools and stationery items are necessary for packing and it is better to have one box for all of them. It is easier to get them and not have to misplace them. Box cutters, stick tapes, markers, screwdrivers, threads are just some of the many things you may need for packing.

3. Towels and blankets as packing materials

Towels and blankets as packing materials

Worried about managing your breakables? You have a lot of towels and blankets to be packed. A foolproof thing to do is to bubble wrap your fragile items with these soft materials. They are safe and can be transported without you having to worry about them. Items like cutlery from the kitchen, flower vases, electronic items could make use of your blankets as a safe pad.

4. Try to color code every box

Try to colour code every box

There are two phases you need to be organized about. One is packing and an equally important part is unpacking. We need to make our unpacking easier by color coding every single box that is packed. Suggestions can be given to your team of packers to move a certain color to box to the living room and another one to the bedroom. This will save up a lot of your time as you unpack.

5. Liquids can be packed with a plastic wrap

Liquids can be packed with a plastic wrap

Your move can go horrifyingly wrong if not done well. Liquids could be your villain in the moving story! Well, a great hack would be to wrap them with plastic one by one. This makes sure it won’t be spilling and creating a mess. The last you want is to be cleaning them up from your packed boxes.

6. Use plastic wrap for steel utensils

Use plastic wrap for steel utensils

If a lot of your utensils are made of steel or silver, chances are they are going to make a lot of noise during the move. Why not wrap them up over newspapers and plastic? This works as a brilliant noise proof method and makes it easy for the packers who carry them.

7. Rubber bands on doorknobs to not be locked out

Rubber bands on door knobs to not be locked out

As the packing and moving happen, chances are you will be walking in and out of the house a lot. This applies to everyone who is helping you out. The last you want is to lock out. Use a rubber band from a doorknob and connect it to the outer one. This way it blocks the chance of it getting locked and will be stuck.

These are just some simple hacks we could help you with. Calgary movers wish you a happy and safe move!

How to Research About A New City Before You Move?

Explore Rentals

Moving to a new place is a huge task although you have the opportunity of availing the services of moving www.hudsonmovers.com for a smooth move. However, worries about acquainting yourself to the new city can really be a pain. The best thing is to acquaint yourself to the city before moving in. If it is not possible to physically go there beforehand, you can at least do some research before moving in.

However, you need to have an idea about how to research. You need to chalk out areas that matter when you first move to a new city. You need information about real estate prices and rentals, best neighborhoods, transport scenario, educational system etc. These are the basic information. You need to dig into the information available about these before deciding about moving. Here’s how you can do some research.

1. Explore The Best Neighborhood

Explore The Best Neighbourhoods

First of all, you need to have information about the best neighborhoods in the city. Everything else will follow. You can visit sites like StreetAdvisor, Foursquare, City Data or Yelp. These are dedicated to neighborhood information and reviews. You can check out neighborhood details like nightlife, restaurants and more. The information you get here is given by locals, so you can get authentic information. Though some of these may be redundant, mostly the information and review are useful.

2. Explore Real Estate Prices

Explore Real Estate Prices

If you are looking for home prices in an area of your choice you can see that with just the zip code or the name of the area. Websites like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin etc offer a plethora of real estate listings in a city. You can see active listings and asking prices, and also look at images of prospective homes and surrounding neighborhood.

3. Explore Rentals

Explore Rentals

Before booking your move, you need to explore the rentals of the new place. You can go to sites like MyApartmentMap, Apartments.com, Padmapper, HotPads etc. Even the real estate sites mentioned above show rental listings. You can also go through Craigslist which shows neighborhoods and properties in maps. Some of these websites have incorporated features whereby you can see listing according to the rental you select.

You can search neighborhoods and properties on a map just by clicking and dragging around with your mouse. You can also get Google Street View. Information about transportation options, the closeness of a rental to a specific transit point, retail points etc too. You can take a street view tour of the neighborhood in Google Earth and get a feel of the area.

4. School And Educational Data

School And Educational Data

You may need school and educational data about the new place for your children before booking your move through movers. You need to know what are the best schools in the areas you are interested in. You can start at GreatSchools to find out good schools in a particular area. Here you can get ratings about the neighborhood schools you are interested in. SchoolDigger is another site with some great resource about various school districts and systems. You can arrive at a final decision by going through the OP-ed page in Washington Post.

5. Local Culture

You need to adapt to the new culture, but to do that you need to have an idea about it. You can get good data about it in City-Data forums. These fora offer a picture of the city you are contemplating about moving in.

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